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  • Esther Godson

    RE:Georeferenced pdf of Western Dispatch Bounda...

    Posted in: Mobile Technologies...

  • Esther Godson

    Georeferenced pdf of Western Dispatch Boundarie...

    Posted in: Mobile Technologies...

    Aviation Resources: There's georeferenced pdf map of all the Western Dispatch boundaries and major roads available in the Library. It's located under the Mapping/GIS folder. Definitely a valuable resource to have on your smartphone/tablet for...

  • Esther Godson

    Updated Avenza PDFMaps application

    Posted in: Mobile Technologies...

    The new updates for Avenza PDF Maps allow for importing KMLs, taking tracks and referencing full photos on the map. If you haven't updated your PDF Maps application recently - do it now to take advantage of the new functions available.

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