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Latest Connected Community Discussions

  • Autumn Mason

    Maps needed for GSC site gallery

    Posted in: NWCG Geospatial S...

    Our GSC site ( ) is getting a much needed redesign! New fire maps are needed for the gallery. If you have one that you are particularly proud of from fire season 2014, please send to me at and I will make sure...

  • Autumn Mason

    S-341 noms due soon! NOV 1

    Posted in: NWCG Geospatial S...

    Just a friendly reminder to get nominations in for GISS by or before Nov 1 (see earlier announcement for course description, locations, and dates). We can always use more GISSs

  • Justin Freeman

    2015 National Reading Challenge

    Posted in: Fireline Leadership...

    The Sparks are currently working on choosing the title for next years reading challenge and have a lot of great ideas! Is there a book that you would like to discuss? How do you feel about a story that will be or has been made into a movie?