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  • WMTWG Mobile Technology Cheat Sheet 2016

    Every year the Working Group puts together a "cheat sheet" for mobile technology within Fire and Aviation Management. Feedback and field information from pilots is consolidated and put together to provide a starting point for the use of mobile tech (primarily apps and devices) in fire. Find it at:
    Discussion post marked *BEST ANSWER* has the most current version of the document.
    Our library - on the MAIN PAGE and also under STEP 2.

    Of course, this cheat sheet is by NO MEANS all inclusive!! So please - if you know of other tips/tricks/apps/information that have worked well for you in your fire job or you see lots of folks using... post it to the discussion and add it to the list!

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  • As we prepare for the 2015 western fire season and are in the midst of Rx fire in the east -- here are a few resources for mobile technology to keep in mind: 1. The Mobile Technology in Fire and Aviation Management Community website ( this one!...

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