Nuttall Fire
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  • Click here to view all documents associated with the Strawberry Fire Fatality

    Get info on the latest issue! Download the Issue Now! Two More Chains Archive Page Get info on this issue, and find a link to download it as well! Download this issue of Two More Chains now!
  • Get more info about this document Download the 2016 Summary of Reported Rhabdomyolysis cases Report cases of Rhabdomyolysis Click here to download the report on 2016 Reported Cases of Rhabdomyolysis Add this 1-page document to your Crew Boss Kit.  Share this info with medical providers if you suspect Rhabdomyolysis in one of your crew members. Report cases of Rhabdomyolysis here!
  • Click here to view all documents related to the Sierra Fire Tree-strike Fatality Download the Sierra Fire Tree-Strike Fatality Learning Review NOW!

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