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Garmin GPS issues with Windows 7

By Daniel OConnor posted 05-20-2014 15:34

Since the migration to Windows 7, I had not been able to connect my Garmin 60 csx to my HP laptop via the latest version of DNR GPS for shapefile and waypoint uploads and downloads.  I tried all the different USB ports on the laptop and monitor, downloaded the latest drivers from the Garmin website, and played with the port settings in DNRGPS to try to get the computer to speak to the GPS. 

I eventually called Garmin support and the ultimate reason the tech came up with was that my GPS software was out of date.  It is possible to update the software through the website, but if the GPS won't talk to the source, it won't update.  The tech did mention a trade in deal with Garmin, so I sent in my old unit and am waiting on a new model 62.  I'll post an update if the unit talks to the computer.  Or if it doesn't. 

Dan O'Connor
ANF BC24-Fuels



03-13-2015 11:40

I found that if I install Garmin Communicator using a browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome it seems to find my device. I also have a 60CSX and found that Internet explorer does not support Garmin Communicator. After installing on Firefox I had no problem connecting to the 60 CSX. Hope this helps some people out there.

09-03-2014 19:42

I have a 60CSx (software version 4.00, GPS SW version 2.60m), and am able to interact with DNRGPS without difficulty...upload and download tracks and waypoints...on a Widows 7 HP laptop running the Forest Service image.

06-04-2014 13:23

The new Garmin 62s unit showed up and immediately spoke to DNRGPS and readily exchanged data when connected to my laptop on a USB port.

05-22-2014 18:36

I have a driver and an Arc exe file that seems to work..

05-21-2014 16:10

No luck with the latest Garmin USB Driver package, their tech department said the actual software on the unit was too out of date to speak with Windows 7. I believe mine had version 3.xx and it needed to be 4.xx to interact. It may be an option to plug in the unit to a Mac or older version of Windows, update the software, then see if it'll speak to Windows 7.

05-21-2014 15:11

Are you using DNRGarmin or BaseCamp?
Did you install the USB Drivers?
For Win7 to talk to your USB port GPS divices, you need to install the USB drivers, search the net for USBDrivers_23.exe I'm not having any issues after installing the USBDriver, accessing GPS units using DNRGarmin and BaseCamp.

05-20-2014 18:55

Dan, I hope that you can solve this important issue.