Heavy Equipment Project

Mechanized Equipment Use

By Jim Kenney posted 06-02-2015 13:09

If there are folks in the audience that directly participated with the Bear Butte 2 Fire Medivac Site (RLS 2014 - Logging Unit Complex) construction, or has pictures of it, or knows the particulars, I would like to use this as a case study specifically for the production rate based on slope, etc. I am interested in slope, soil cover, size of the medivac spot, was there existing opening that was incorporated into the finished site, how did the dozer move the tree bunches, how far back from the edge of the clearing, how far behind did the dozer lag behind the feller buncher? If you can help me with these items this incident will be included in a Mechanized Equipment tactics Guide in development for NWCG. Thank you for the help. Jim Steele