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How To: Have Private Files within a Public Group

  • 1.  How To: Have Private Files within a Public Group

    Posted 10-22-2013 18:15
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    Using your community to teach courses? 

    It can be handy to keep some of your community library public and some of it private.  The communities have been a great way for me to share information, like new literature, with students and cadre.  It's been an excellent tool for collaborating on course materials across agencies and offerings.  It's very useful to be able to have exams and answer keys available in the same place, but of course you don't want those to be public.

    With the new version of the communities and neighborhoods, the easiest way to get a mix of public and private documents is to encrypt the private files before you load them into your library and then share the password with the cadre.  This is something you can do in the software program that you create the protected document with.   In case you're unfamiliar with doing this, I have attached some PDFs showing how to do this in Microsoft and Adobe programs.

    Dana Cohen
    Fire Management Specialist
    Big Pine Key FL