Jeffrey Brower


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Just a guy havin' fun.
I've worked laying RR track, driven 150 ton haulage trucks, been a brakeman on the railroad.
I have developed residential subdivisions, built churches, and a post office.
I am a licenced plumber (used to be), and have seen some crazy things while doing it. All the stories you hear about residential plumbing are true!
Had a nasty motorcycle wreck that ended my plumbing career. Broke more bones in that crash than any person should in a lifetime.
After the crash, I couldn't use my hands well anymore, so I went to school. Got most the way through the master's program in civil engineering at Colorado State and just got tired of it. So, I went to work.

I am a Finance Section Chief. It is getting really crowded there. Fewer teams in the Basin. I'm trying my hand at Logistics, it's active work, and I'm more suited for that.

I have two loves in life: family and fire.