David Christenson

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In preparation for an early 2014 retirement from the US Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center, I have begun to build the consultancy firm Christenson & Associates, LLC.

This group is intended to primarily serve safety-critical, high-risk industries with courses, workshops, conferences, coaching and mentoring in the Incident Command System, professional leadership development, high reliability organizing, operational risk management, resilience engineering, human performance optimization, human factors, systems safety, and continuous professional learning.

I began to build this organization at the request of oil & gas producing companies interested in the expertise my associates and I have with the Incident Command System (ICS). From there we can build adult educational opportunities in areas mentioned above that all make ICS implementation more effective. To date several organizations have expressed an interest in partnering with our expertise and the proven professionals in this group. The future looks very bright!

2002 through 2013
As the Assistant Center Manager of the U.S. Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center, I have focused on promoting organizational learning (OL), implementing high reliability organizing (HRO), and creating a widely used knowledge management system for the nation’s wildland fire community.

I advise incident management teams (IMTs) on OL/HRO implementation and have been a co-chair of the French/USA HRO in IMTs Project. As the lead facilitative instructor of the HRO portion of the US Advanced IMT S-520 Course, I have been responsible for the integration of HRO in the National Advanced Fire & Resource Institute's featured upper level classes qualifying Type 1 IMT leaders. I have given presentations in Spain, Greece, Sweden, Norway, France and Australia in addition to all regions of the U.S. on these subjects.