Twisp River Fire Entrapments and Fatalities (2015)

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Incident Date: 8/19/2015
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Twisp River Final Learning Review Narrative   5.83 MB   1 version
Uploaded - 12-16-2016
This expanded narrative adds to and builds on the Twisp River Status Report. It was written by a 25-member interagency team who visited the incident site, interviewed participants, reviewed official documents, and used this information to recreate the August 19, 2015 events to the best of their abilities. Once the first draft of the narrative was created, all personnel involved with the Twisp River Fire were invited to review the document and offer input as to its accuracy. This iterative process continued until all 25 team members were satisfied that the narrative was as accurate as possible. All personnel involved in the incident who took part in the read-back sessions agreed that the narrative accurately represented their stories.
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Twisp River Operational and Organizational Learning Report   1.12 MB   1 version
Uploaded - 12-16-2016
This interagency report completes the Sensemaking and Analysis phase of the Learning Review process. The report represents the first ever interagency Learning Review to be completed under the newly adopted process. It is the result of three focus groups (two with firefighters and one with line officers) and individual interviews with firefighters, agency administrators, and academic specialists. Academic specialists also collaborated with each other and Learning Review personnel via face-to-face conversations, video conferences, and conference calls. The ideas expressed in this report are the result of these interactions. A Safety Action Plan outlines recommended preventative measures.
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Twisp River PPE and Equipment Analysis Report   3.11 MB   1 version
Uploaded - 12-16-2016
This report offers an in-depth analysis of the firefighter PPE and equipment involved in the Twisp River Incident. It includes pictures of affected equipment and describes equipment exposure during the incident.
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Twisp River Weather and Fire Behavior Supplement Report   4.08 MB   1 version
Uploaded - 12-16-2016
This report summarizes the weather conditions, weather patterns, fuel conditions, and observed fire behavior. It also includes maps depicting reconstructed fire growth for the Twisp River Fire. This image-intensive report includes interpretation of the weather and fire behavior data depicted in the images.
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Twisp River Fire Weather Appendix   555 KB   1 version
Uploaded - 12-16-2016
This appendix accompanies the Twisp River Fire Weather and Fire Behavior Supplement and contains National Weather Service text forecast products for Fire Weather Zones 684 and 685 for Tuesday, August 18 and Wednesday, August 19, 2015 along with the IMET-developed fire weather forecast product for Wednesday, August 19, 2015.
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Twisp River Weather and Fire Behavior PowerPoint Presenta...   271.79 MB   1 version
Uploaded - 12-16-2016
This presentation is a photo gallery of weather- and fire behavior-related images. Speaker notes correspond to most slides. This presentation is intended to be used as a learning tool in conjunction with the formal reports and learning review documents for the Twisp River Fire.
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Twisp River Fire Status Report   1.56 MB   1 version
Uploaded - 11-20-2015
This report dated November 18, 2015 consists of an abridged narrative of the August 19, 2015 event, questions to initiate dialogue, and a brief overview of the Forest Service’s relatively new Learning Review process.
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Twisp River Fire Fatalities and Injuries 72 hour report   333 KB   1 version
Uploaded - 08-24-2015
This memorandum dated August 24, 2015 contains information that could be accurately ascertained five days after the fatality event, including a short description of what took place as well as the date, time, and nature and number of injuries and fatalities.
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Twisp River Fatalities Notification   146 KB   1 version
Uploaded - 08-22-2015
This preliminary notification identifies the names and ages of the deceased firefighters.
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Twisp Fire Fatalities Overview v2.mp4   759.77 MB   1 version
Uploaded - 04-26-2017
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