Region 2 Initial Attack Risk Management (Life First) (2018)

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Incident Date: 7/9/2018

[State]: Region 2
[Date]: 07/09/2018
[Incident Type]:Multiple

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09-21-2018 18:01

Great thoughts, Jerry!

08-17-2018 12:31

​It said "structure" within 1/2 mile?  But it said no values at risk in that larger area.  Depending on what type of "structure" many people are automatically going to throw on red lights and get excited.  But a larger issue I see:  They could have finished it with another night, maybe even adding the risk of a helicopter doing half a dozen bucket drops to put it to bed for good.  Or you pull them out, walk away, hope the hand line holds.  And if it doesn't?  If it blows up with the outflow from the next Rocky Mountain thunderstorm?  The next day a Type 3 team is assembled, and as they watch it blow up they have a Type 2 or even Type 1 team before the end of the day.  They build a "box" and it's probably 6000 acres.  If it's a generally round or square-ish shape, (but what fire ever is?) you have a minimum of 12 miles of line.  How many person hours of risk and exposure to prep, burn, and mop 35 miles of line over 3, 4, perhaps 6 weeks?  How many crews, engines, and overhead?  Forget cost.  I know we need to "let more of this stuff burn" to try to restore order to the forest ecosystems, but if we are going to talk "life first" I question if we have really thought this out very well.

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