Little Venus Fire Entrapment (2006)

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Incident Date: 7/18/2006

On July 18, 2006, 10 individuals assigned to the Little Venus Fire on the Shoshone NF as part of a fire use module were entrapped by the fire and deployed fire shelters. No significant injuries were sustained, no personnel were hospitalized and all personnel were safely evacuated from the fire. This incident is a significant event but differs from past deployments in that the involved personnel were not actively engaged in the performance of an operational fireline assignment when the deployment occurred. They were enroute to a camp location to de­brief with a crew they were replacing and would not have been given a fireline assignment until the next operational period. The video below is the first of a two part series. Click to play! The Little Venus Peer Review was a very different type of review at the time it was conducted. This review gave rise to the Facilitated Learned Analysis and Lessons Learned Review process. State]: Wyoming
[Date]: 07/18/2006
[Incident Type]: Entrapment

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