Horse Park Ted Ed Video
Horse Park FLA

Let's Begin... This lesson is about the events on the Horse Park Fire in Southwest Colorado on May 27th 2018. The focus is on wildland fire scouting and serving as a lookout.

  Gregg Creek FLA

Let's Begin... What can we learn from the Gregg Creek Fire broken leg / extraction incident? Be sure to Think, Dig Deeper, and Discuss.


  The Alabaugh Fire

Let's Begin... An incredible story about an extremely tough situation and the decisions made under dire circumstances. Be sure to Think, Dig Deeper, and Discuss.


  Mudd Fire

Let's Begin... 

A type 6 engine survives entrapment.

Initial attack in light flashy fuels is an extremely dynamic environment - how close have you come to being in this very situation.

  An Introduction to the Concept of Margin

Let's Begin... 

An Introduction to the Concept of Margin: a video from the US Forest Service Office of Learning.

  Dude Fire Fatality Case Study

Let's Begin... 

Log in to answer questions and discuss with others. Utilize "Leading in the Wildland Fire Service" (PMS 494-2) as a guide to answer questions in the "Think" section.

  Clay Springs Burnover

Let's Begin... 

How will your department learn from this event?

  Firefighters Inside the Iron

Let's Begin... 

We talk about heavy equipment as if they are just machines…