Two More Chains: Fall 2017 

12-06-2017 13:30

What happens when you are “all in” in your wildland fire service job and you suddenly get the boot—whether through mandatory retirement, freak accident, family demands, or any other “involuntary separation”? “Why Identity Matters” is the focus of this issue. Page 1 provides links to a Podcast and Blog Post that are essential elements our multifaceted look at this complex issue. In addition, we realized that we needed to talk to Wally Ochoa and share his remarkable story. Wally, Lead Sawyer on the Winema Interagency Hotshot Crew, received a career-ending injury on the 2014 Freezeout Ridge Fire. As you read about Wally’s ordeal, ask yourself hard questions about who you are, what you do, what risks you take—and what those risks are worth. In Travis Dotson’s “Ground Truths” he explores this “Identity” theme by asking: “What if we momentarily viewed wildland fire and all that comes with it as a drug?”

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